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Minotaur (ˈmaɪnətɔː Pronunciation for Minotaur



  1. (Greek mythology) a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It was kept in the Labyrinth in Crete, feeding on human flesh, until destroyed by Theseus

Word Origin

C14: via Latin from Greek Minōtauros, from Minos + tauros bull

Example Sentences Including 'Minotaur'

He phoned from under a plastic bubble in the entrance hall, beside the fresco of a rampant Minotaur.
Curzon, Clare The Quest for K
Only a Minotaur fresh from the Cretan labyrinth would feel at home in the newer parts of Warrington.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
Whatever the truth of the Minotaur legend, there was an actual labyrinth of rooms in the palace.
Curzon, Clare The Quest for K


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