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mistake (mɪˈsteɪk Pronunciation for mistake



  1. an error or blunder in action, opinion, or judgment
  2. a misconception or misunderstanding


-takes, -taking, -took, -taken
  1. (transitive) to misunderstand; misinterpret   ⇒ she mistook his meaning
  2. (transitive) foll by for to take (for), interpret (as), or confuse (with)   ⇒ she mistook his direct manner for honesty
  3. (transitive) to choose badly or incorrectly   ⇒ he mistook his path
  4. (intransitive) to make a mistake in action, opinion, judgment, etc

Derived Forms

misˈtaker noun

Word Origin

C13 (meaning: to do wrong, err): from Old Norse mistaka to take erroneously


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= error, blunder, oversight, slip, misunderstanding, boob, misconception, gaffe, slip-up, bloomer, clanger, miscalculation, error of judgment, faux pas, false move, boo-boo, barry or Barry Crocker, misstep
= oversight, error, slip, inaccuracy, fault, slip-up, howler, goof, solecism, erratum, barry or Barry Crocker

Quotations including 'mistake'

  • "We are built to make mistakes, coded for error" [Lewis Thomas
  • "The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything" [Edward John Phelps]

Translations for 'mistake'

  • British English: mistakePronunciation for mistake A mistake is something you do which you did not intend to do, or which produces a result that you do not want.She made the mistake of going against her doctor's advice.mɪˈsteɪk NOUN
  • Arabic: غَلَطٌPronunciation for غَلَطٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: erroPronunciation for erro
  • Chinese: 错误Pronunciation for 错误
  • Croatian: pogreškaPronunciation for pogreška
  • Czech: chybaPronunciation for chyba
  • Danish: fejlPronunciation for fejl
  • Dutch: foutPronunciation for fout
  • European Spanish: errorPronunciation for error
  • Finnish: virhePronunciation for virheerehdys
  • French: erreurPronunciation for erreur
  • German: FehlerPronunciation for Fehler Fehler
  • Greek: λάθοςPronunciation for λάθος
  • Italian: errorePronunciation for errore
  • Japanese: 間違いPronunciation for 間違い
  • Korean: 실수Pronunciation for 실수
  • Norwegian: feiltagelsePronunciation for feiltagelse
  • Polish: błądPronunciation for błąd
  • Portuguese: erroPronunciation for erro
  • Romanian: greșeală greșeli de tipar
  • Russian: ошибкаPronunciation for ошибка
  • Spanish: errorPronunciation for error
  • Swedish: misstagPronunciation for misstag
  • Thai: ความผิดพลาดPronunciation for ความผิดพลาด
  • Turkish: hataPronunciation for hata
  • Ukrainian: помилка
  • Vietnamese: lỗiPronunciation for lỗi
  • British English: mistakePronunciation for mistake If you mistake one person or thing for another, you wrongly think that they are the other person or thing.I mistook you for my brother.mɪˈsteɪk VERB
  • Arabic: يُخْطِأَ بَيْنَPronunciation for يُخْطِأَ بَيْنَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: confundirPronunciation for confundir
  • Chinese: 弄错Pronunciation for 弄错
  • Croatian: zamijeniti sPronunciation for zamijeniti s
  • Czech: splést siPronunciation for splést si plést sikoho s kým
  • Danish: tage fejlPronunciation for tage fejl
  • Dutch: vergissen (zich)Pronunciation for vergissen (zich)
  • European Spanish: confundirPronunciation for confundir
  • Finnish: ymmärtää väärinPronunciation for ymmärtää väärin
  • French: se tromperPronunciation for se tromper
  • German: verwechselnPronunciation for verwechseln
  • Greek: παρανοώPronunciation for παρανοώ
  • Italian: confonderePronunciation for confondere
  • Japanese: 間違えるPronunciation for 間違える
  • Korean: 오인하다Pronunciation for 오인하다
  • Norwegian: ta feilPronunciation for ta feil
  • Polish: pomylićPronunciation for pomylić mylić
  • Portuguese: errarPronunciation for errar
  • Romanian: a confunda
  • Russian: ошибатьсяPronunciation for ошибаться
  • Spanish: confundirPronunciation for confundir
  • Swedish: missförståPronunciation for missförstå
  • Thai: ทำให้เข้าใจผิดPronunciation for ทำให้เข้าใจผิด
  • Turkish: hata yapmakPronunciation for hata yapmak
  • Ukrainian: помилятися помилитися
  • Vietnamese: nhầmPronunciation for nhầm

Example Sentences Including 'mistake'

Above us, on the roof, a couple of vultures were waiting for someone to make a mistake crossing the road.
How strange to think that a man's life could hinge on such a trivial mistake.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
Perhaps that's been my mistake... you know, being queer,' he said, grinning.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)


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