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monad (ˈmɒnæd ; ˈməʊ-) 



  1. (plural) -ads or -ades  (-əˌdiːz)  (philosophy)
    1. any fundamental singular metaphysical entity, esp if autonomous
    2. (in the metaphysics of Leibnitz) a simple indestructible nonspatial element regarded as the unit of which reality consists
    3. (in the pantheistic philosophy of Giordano Bruno) a fundamental metaphysical unit that is spatially extended and psychically aware
  2. a single-celled organism, esp a flagellate protozoan
  3. an atom, ion, or radical with a valency of one

Also called (for senses 1, 2): : monas

Derived Forms

moˈnadical  adjective
moˈnadically  adverb

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin monas, from Greek: unit, from monos alone


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