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Definitions of mow

mow1 (məʊ Pronunciation for mow1



Word forms:  mows,  mowing,  mowed,  mowed,  mown
  1. to cut down (grass, crops, etc) with a hand implement or machine
  2. (transitive) to cut the growing vegetation of (a field, lawn, etc)

Derived Forms

ˈmower noun

Word Origin

Old English māwan; related to Old High German māen, Middle Dutch maeyen to mow, Latin metere to reap, Welsh medi


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= cut, crop, trim, shear, scythe

mow2 (maʊ Pronunciation for mow2



  1. the part of a barn where hay, straw, etc, is stored
  2. the hay, straw, etc, stored

Word Origin

Old English mūwa; compare Old Norse mūgr heap, Greek mukōn

mow3 (maʊ Pronunciation for mow3


noun, verb

  1. an archaic word for grimace

Word Origin

C14: from Old French moe a pout, or Middle Dutch mouwe

Translations for 'mow'

  • British English: mowPronunciation for mow If you mow an area of grass, you cut it using a lawnmower or a mower.He was mowing the lawn.məʊ VERB
  • Arabic: يَقْطَعُ الْأعْشَابَPronunciation for يَقْطَعُ الْأعْشَابَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cortarPronunciation for cortargrama
  • Chinese: 割草Pronunciation for 割草
  • Croatian: kositiPronunciation for kositi
  • Czech: sekatPronunciation for sekat posekattrávník
  • Danish: slåPronunciation for slå
  • Dutch: maaienPronunciation for maaien
  • European Spanish: segarPronunciation for segarcésped
  • Finnish: leikata ruohoaPronunciation for leikata ruohoa
  • French: tondrePronunciation for tondre
  • German: mähenPronunciation for mähen
  • Greek: θερίζωPronunciation for θερίζω
  • Italian: tagliare l’erbaPronunciation for tagliare l’erba
  • Japanese: 刈るPronunciation for 刈る
  • Korean: 베다Pronunciation for 베다깎다
  • Norwegian: slåPronunciation for slågress osv.
  • Polish: skosićPronunciation for skosić kosić
  • Portuguese: cortarPronunciation for cortarrelva
  • Romanian: a tunde iarba
  • Russian: коситьPronunciation for косить
  • Spanish: cortarPronunciation for cortarel pasto
  • Swedish: klippaPronunciation for klippakorta av
  • Thai: ตัดหญ้าPronunciation for ตัดหญ้า
  • Turkish: çim biçmekPronunciation for çim biçmek
  • Ukrainian: косити
  • Vietnamese: cắt cỏPronunciation for cắt cỏ

Example Sentences Including 'mow'

`The farmer gets more grass to fatten his sheep, and the owners get a bit of money and don't have to mow the grass, so it suits everyone.
Melville, Anne The Hardie Inheritance
She had a team of local boys, headed by her feckless nephew, to weed and water, and mow the lawns.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
It was always agreed that I would mow into Columbia University's dorm when I was accepted into the school.
Shell, Ray Iced


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