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mow1 (məʊ Pronunciation for mow1



Word forms:  mows,  mowing,  mowed,  mowed,  mown
  1. to cut down (grass, crops, etc) with a hand implement or machine
  2. (transitive) to cut the growing vegetation of (a field, lawn, etc)

Derived Forms

ˈmower noun

Word Origin

Old English māwan; related to Old High German māen, Middle Dutch maeyen to mow, Latin metere to reap, Welsh medi


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= cut, crop, trim, shear, scythe

mow2 (maʊ Pronunciation for mow2



  1. the part of a barn where hay, straw, etc, is stored
  2. the hay, straw, etc, stored

Word Origin

Old English mūwa; compare Old Norse mūgr heap, Greek mukōn

mow3 (maʊ Pronunciation for mow3


noun, verb

  1. an archaic word for grimace

Word Origin

C14: from Old French moe a pout, or Middle Dutch mouwe

Translations for 'mow'

  • British English: mowPronunciation for mow If you mow an area of grass, you cut it using a lawnmower or a mower.He was mowing the lawn.məʊ VERB
  • Arabic: يَقْطَعُ الْأعْشَابَPronunciation for يَقْطَعُ الْأعْشَابَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cortarPronunciation for cortargrama
  • Chinese: 割草Pronunciation for 割草
  • Croatian: kositiPronunciation for kositi
  • Czech: sekatPronunciation for sekat posekattrávník
  • Danish: slåPronunciation for slå
  • Dutch: maaienPronunciation for maaien
  • European Spanish: segarPronunciation for segarcésped
  • Finnish: leikata ruohoaPronunciation for leikata ruohoa
  • French: tondrePronunciation for tondre
  • German: mähenPronunciation for mähen
  • Greek: θερίζωPronunciation for θερίζω
  • Italian: tagliare l’erbaPronunciation for tagliare l’erba
  • Japanese: 刈るPronunciation for 刈る
  • Korean: 베다Pronunciation for 베다깎다
  • Norwegian: slåPronunciation for slågress osv.
  • Polish: skosićPronunciation for skosić kosić
  • Portuguese: cortarPronunciation for cortarrelva
  • Romanian: a tunde iarba
  • Russian: коситьPronunciation for косить
  • Spanish: cortarPronunciation for cortarel pasto
  • Swedish: klippaPronunciation for klippakorta av
  • Thai: ตัดหญ้าPronunciation for ตัดหญ้า
  • Turkish: çim biçmekPronunciation for çim biçmek
  • Ukrainian: косити
  • Vietnamese: cắt cỏPronunciation for cắt cỏ

Example Sentences Including 'mow'

Besides being a bad cook he was a psychotic gardener (`if admitted to the garden he will mow down anything in his reach with a sword ').
Jack Turner SPICE: The History of a Temptation (2004)
Coincidently, my neighbour had a contractor in to mow his lawn on Sunday.
The Advertiser, Sunday Mail (2005)
Home help by Kathleen Richardson Never want to vacuum your floor again, mow your lawn or do your ironing?
Spiked (2004)
It was always agreed that I would mow into Columbia University's dorm when I was accepted into the school.
Shell, Ray Iced
Parents mow lawns, paint buildings or do administration work in return for payment of the fees.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
She had a team of local boys, headed by her feckless nephew, to weed and water, and mow the lawns.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
`The farmer gets more grass to fatten his sheep, and the owners get a bit of money and don't have to mow the grass, so it suits everyone.
Melville, Anne The Hardie Inheritance


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