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murder (ˈmɜːdə Pronunciation for murder



  1. the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another Compare manslaughter, homicide
  2. (informal) something dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant   ⇒ driving around London is murder
  3. See cry blue murder

  4. See get away with murder

verb (mainly transitive)

  1. (also intransitive) to kill (someone) unlawfully with premeditation or during the commission of a crime
  2. to kill brutally
  3. (informal) to destroy; ruin   ⇒ he murdered her chances of happiness
  4. (informal) to defeat completely; beat decisively   ⇒ the home team murdered their opponents
Also (archaic or dialect): murther

Derived Forms

ˈmurderer noun
ˈmurderess feminine noun

Word Origin

Old English morthor; related to Old English morth, Old Norse morth, Latin mors death; compare French meurtre


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= kill, massacre, slaughter, assassinate, hit, destroy, waste, do in, eliminate, take out, terminate, butcher, dispatch, slay, blow away, bump off, rub out, take the life of, do to death, murk
= beat decisively, thrash, stuff, cream, tank, hammer, slaughter, lick, wipe the floor with, make mincemeat of, blow someone out of the water, drub, defeat someone utterly, murk

Quotations including 'murder'

  • "Thou shalt not kill" [Bible: Exodus]
  • "Murder will out" [Geoffrey Chaucer
  • "murder most foul" [William Shakespeare

Translations for 'murder'

  • British English: murderPronunciation for murder Murder is the crime of deliberately killing a person.He was jailed for life after being found guilty of murder.ˈmɜːdə NOUN
  • Arabic: قَتْلٌPronunciation for قَتْلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassinatoPronunciation for assassinato
  • Chinese: 谋杀Pronunciation for 谋杀
  • Croatian: ubojstvoPronunciation for ubojstvo
  • Czech: vraždaPronunciation for vražda
  • Danish: mordPronunciation for mord
  • Dutch: moordPronunciation for moord
  • European Spanish: asesinatoPronunciation for asesinato
  • Finnish: murhaPronunciation for murha
  • French: meurtrePronunciation for meurtre
  • German: MordPronunciation for Mord
  • Greek: φόνοςPronunciation for φόνος
  • Italian: omicidioPronunciation for omicidio
  • Japanese: 殺人Pronunciation for 殺人
  • Korean: 살인Pronunciation for 살인
  • Norwegian: mordPronunciation for mord
  • Polish: morderstwoPronunciation for morderstwo
  • Portuguese: assassinatoPronunciation for assassinato
  • Romanian: crimă crime
  • Russian: убийствоPronunciation for убийство
  • Spanish: asesinatoPronunciation for asesinato
  • Swedish: mordPronunciation for mord
  • Thai: การฆาตกรรมPronunciation for การฆาตกรรม
  • Turkish: cinayetPronunciation for cinayet
  • Ukrainian: вбивство
  • Vietnamese: tội giết ngườiPronunciation for tội giết người
  • British English: murderPronunciation for murder To murder someone means to commit the crime of killing them deliberately....a movie about a woman who murders her husband.ˈmɜːdə VERB
  • Arabic: يَقْتِلُPronunciation for يَقْتِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassinarPronunciation for assassinar
  • Chinese: 谋杀Pronunciation for 谋杀
  • Croatian: ubitiPronunciation for ubiti
  • Czech: zavražditPronunciation for zavraždit vraždit
  • Danish: myrdePronunciation for myrde
  • Dutch: vermoordenPronunciation for vermoorden
  • European Spanish: asesinarPronunciation for asesinar
  • Finnish: murhataPronunciation for murhata
  • French: assassinerPronunciation for assassiner
  • German: ermordenPronunciation for ermorden
  • Greek: δολοφονώPronunciation for δολοφονώ
  • Italian: ucciderePronunciation for uccidere
  • Japanese: 殺害するPronunciation for 殺害する
  • Korean: 살인하다Pronunciation for 살인하다
  • Norwegian: myrdePronunciation for myrde
  • Polish: zamordowaćPronunciation for zamordować mordować
  • Portuguese: assassinarPronunciation for assassinar
  • Romanian: a ucide
  • Russian: убиватьPronunciation for убивать
  • Spanish: asesinarPronunciation for asesinar
  • Swedish: mördaPronunciation for mörda
  • Thai: ฆาตกรรมPronunciation for ฆาตกรรม
  • Turkish: katletmekPronunciation for katletmek
  • Ukrainian: вбивати вбити
  • Vietnamese: giết ngườiPronunciation for giết người

Example Sentences Including 'murder'

They seemed to be mainly about a triple murder Jarawa was supposed to have ordered last year on the twenty-first of December.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
Terrorists, someone with a grudge against the US - it looks like nothing more than plain murder.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
He was no more able to discuss tactics than he was able to contemplate murder.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)


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