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nail polish or nail varnish or (US) nail enamel



  1. a quick-drying lacquer applied to colour the nails or make them shiny or esp both

Translations for 'nail polish'

  • British English: nail polishPronunciation for nail polish Nail polish is a thick liquid that women paint on their nails.neɪl ˈpɒlɪʃ NOUN
  • Arabic: طَلَاءُ الْأَظَافِرِPronunciation for طَلَاءُ الْأَظَافِرِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esmalte de unhasPronunciation for esmalte de unhas
  • Chinese: 指甲油Pronunciation for 指甲油
  • Croatian: lak za noktePronunciation for lak za nokte
  • Czech: lak na nehtyPronunciation for lak na nehty
  • Danish: neglelakPronunciation for neglelak
  • Dutch: nagellakPronunciation for nagellak
  • European Spanish: pintura de uñasPronunciation for pintura de uñas
  • Finnish: kynsilakkaPronunciation for kynsilakka
  • French: vernis à onglesPronunciation for vernis à ongles
  • German: NagellackPronunciation for Nagellack
  • Greek: βερνίκι νυχιώνPronunciation for βερνίκι νυχιών
  • Italian: smalto per le unghiePronunciation for smalto per le unghie
  • Japanese: マニキュア液Pronunciation for マニキュア液
  • Korean: 매니큐어Pronunciation for 매니큐어
  • Norwegian: neglelakkPronunciation for neglelakk
  • Polish: lakier do paznokciPronunciation for lakier do paznokci
  • Portuguese: verniz para unhasPronunciation for verniz para unhas
  • Romanian: ojă oje
  • Russian: лак для ногтейPronunciation for лак для ногтей
  • Spanish: pintura de uñasPronunciation for pintura de uñas
  • Swedish: nagellackPronunciation for nagellack
  • Thai: น้ำยาทาเล็บPronunciation for น้ำยาทาเล็บ
  • Turkish: ojePronunciation for oje
  • Ukrainian: лак для нігтів
  • Vietnamese: sơn móng tayPronunciation for sơn móng tay

Example Sentences Including 'nail polish'

There was a woman lying on her bed: her legs were bare and I could even make out the pink nail polish on her toes.
Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)
Posy studied her bare feet; her toes were dusty and she thought the silver pearly nail polish looked out of place.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)
She set her bottle of nail polish down on the floor and walked over to Vincent.
Hodgman, Ann My Babysitter has Fangs


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