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name  (neɪm



  1. a word or term by which a person or thing is commonly and distinctively known related adjective nominal
  2. mere outward appearance or form as opposed to fact (esp in the phrase in name)   ⇒ he was a ruler in name only
  3. a word, title, or phrase descriptive of character, usually abusive or derogatory   ⇒ to call a person names
  4. reputation, esp, if unspecified, good reputation   ⇒ he's made quite a name for himself
    1. a famous person or thing   ⇒ a name in the advertising world
    2. (mainly US & Canadian) (as modifier)   ⇒ a name product
  5. a member of Lloyd's who provides part of the capital of a syndicate and shares in its profits or losses but does not arrange its business
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verb (transitive)

  1. to give a name to; call by a name   ⇒ she named the child Edward
  2. to refer to by name; cite   ⇒ he named three French poets
  3. to determine, fix, or specify   ⇒ they have named a date for the meeting
  4. to appoint to or cite for a particular title, honour, or duty; nominate   ⇒ he was named Journalist of the Year
  5. to ban (an MP) from the House of Commons by mentioning him or her formally by name as being guilty of disorderly conduct
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Derived Forms

ˈnamable, ˈnameable  adjective

Word Origin

Old English nama, related to Latin nomen, Greek noma, Old High German namo, German Namen

Quotations including 'name'

  • "What's in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet" [William Shakespeare

Translations for 'name'

  • British English: name The name of a person, thing, or place is the word or words that you use to identify them.He told me his name.neɪm NOUN
  • Arabic: اسمٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nome
  • Chinese: 名字
  • Croatian: ime
  • Czech: jméno
  • Danish: navn
  • Dutch: naam
  • European Spanish: nombre
  • Finnish: nimi
  • French: nompropre
  • German: Name
  • Greek: όνομα
  • Italian: nome
  • Japanese: 名前
  • Korean: 이름
  • Norwegian: navn
  • Polish: imię
  • Portuguese: nome
  • Romanian: nume nume
  • Russian: имя
  • Spanish: nombre
  • Swedish: namn
  • Thai: ชื่อ
  • Turkish: adkişi
  • Ukrainian: ім'я
  • Vietnamese: tên

Example Sentences Including 'name'

What he took to be an American voice said,'My name is John Blake.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
The policeman told me to wait there until my name was called, then walked off.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)
I recognised the name on the cover: it was a company Jamie had been looking into, in relation to the African arms trade.
Hugo Wilcken THE EXECUTION (2002)


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