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nation  (ˈneɪʃən



  1. an aggregation of people or peoples of one or more cultures, races, etc, organized into a single state   ⇒ the Australian nation
  2. a community of persons not constituting a state but bound by common descent, language, history, etc   ⇒ the French-Canadian nation
    1. a federation of tribes, esp American Indians
    2. the territory occupied by such a federation

Derived Forms

ˈnationˌhood  noun
ˈnationless  adjective

Word Origin

C13: via Old French from Latin nātiō birth, tribe, from nascī to be born


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= country, state, nation state, power, land, federation, commonwealth, kingdom, realm, micronation, superpower, confederation, sovereign state, polity

Quotations including 'nation'

  • "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" [Bible: St. Matthew]
  • "No nation is fit to sit in judgement upon any other nation" [Woodrow Wilson
  • "A nation is the same people living in the same place" [James Joyce
  • "Nations, like men, have their infancy" [Viscount Henry St. John Bolingbroke
  • "The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes" [Stanley Kubrick]

Translations for 'nation'

  • British English: nation A nation is an individual country considered together with its social and political structures....several African nations.ˈneɪʃən NOUN
  • Arabic: أُمَّةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nação
  • Chinese: 国家
  • Croatian: nacija
  • Czech: národ
  • Danish: nation
  • Dutch: natie
  • European Spanish: nación
  • Finnish: kansakunta
  • French: nation
  • German: Nation
  • Greek: έθνος
  • Italian: nazione
  • Japanese: 国民
  • Korean: 국가
  • Norwegian: nasjon
  • Polish: naród
  • Portuguese: nação
  • Romanian: națiune națiuni
  • Russian: народ
  • Spanish: nación
  • Swedish: nation
  • Thai: ประเทศ
  • Turkish: ulus
  • Ukrainian: народ
  • Vietnamese: quốc gia

Example Sentences Including 'nation'

He'd seemed a harmless small-time burglar, one of the many dimwits choking up the nation 's jails.
Adam, Paul A Nasty Dose of Death
He returned to the nation the belief in ourselves which we had lost in that first terrible war.
At the same time, we all have a duty at this critical stage in the nation 's situation to proceed with circumspection.
Forbes, Bryan The Endless Game


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