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Native American



  1. A member of the indigenous peoples of North America


  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of Native Americans or any of their languages

Translations for 'Native American'

  • British English: Native American Native Americans are people from any of the many groups who were already living in North America before Europeans arrived. NOUNThe eagle is the animal most sacred to the Native Americans.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: povos que habitavam a América do Norte antes da colonização europeia
  • Chinese: 美国原住民美国國原住民
  • European Spanish: amerindio amerindia
  • French: Indien d'Amérique Indienne d'Amérique
  • German: Ureinwohner Amerikas Ureinwohnerin Amerikas
  • Italian: nativo americano nativa americana
  • Japanese: アメリカ先住民
  • Korean: 북미 원주민
  • Portuguese: povos que habitavam a América do Norte antes da colonização europeia
  • Spanish: amerindio amerindia

Example Sentences Including 'Native American'

And in fact it is Native American men who are more likely to reveal that physiological trait.
Tony Parsons MAN AND WIFE (2002)
IN THEIR present incarnation, the Braves regularly annoy the Native American population.
Irish Times (2002)
So by the time we got to the Vision Quest we had already had some experience of the Native American Indian tradition.
Vera Peiffer POSITIVELY FEARLESS: Breaking free of the fears that hold you back (2001)
Some Native American languages, for example, reveal a completely different understanding of the nature of time.
New Scientist (2004)
The inspiration for the Sundance Catalogue, it sells clothes, books and blankets as well as Native American arts, crafts and jewellery.
Globe and Mail (2003)
To a Native American , a Palestinian or a Jew traditional rites, rooted in the extended family, focus on the entitlement to land.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)


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