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naturalism  (ˈnætʃrəˌlɪzəm ; -tʃərə-) 



    1. a movement, esp in art and literature, advocating detailed realistic and factual description, esp that in 19th-century France in the writings of Zola, Flaubert, etc
    2. the characteristics or effects of this movement
  1. a school of painting or sculpture characterized by the faithful imitation of appearances for their own sake
  2. the belief that all religious truth is based not on revelation but rather on the study of natural causes and processes
  3. (philosophy)
    1. a scientific account of the world in terms of causes and natural forces that rejects all spiritual, supernatural, or teleological explanations
    2. the meta-ethical thesis that moral properties are reducible to natural ones, or that ethical judgments are derivable from nonethical ones Compare naturalistic fallacy, descriptivism
  4. action or thought caused by natural desires and instincts
  5. devotion to that which is natural


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= realism, authenticity, plausibility, verisimilitude, factualism


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