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news item (njuːz ˈaɪtəm) 



  1. a particular piece of news, usually from a journalistic source   ⇒ John, you've found several news items that might interest our listeners., The cheaper papers were turning her into a major news item., published his photo alongside a news item about his forthcoming visit to Morocco, There was a news item about him.
  2. section of a news broadcast dealing with a particular story   ⇒ She was watching breakfast television when a news item from China caught her attention., The local TV station carried a news item linking the fires to an alleged family feud.

Example Sentences Including 'news item'

A one-paragraph news item announced that Amnesty International was condemning a General Orpishurda for a series of atrocities.
Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life
Given that my meetings with Sinn Fein were a pretty big news item in 1983, Tony Blair must have wondered whether MI5 was worth the money.
Independent (1998)
He had seen the short news item Gerhardt had released with her approval after Winter's collapse, and Kitzi put two and two together.
Dare Call It Treason
Instead we're going to move on to a totally (wink) unrelated (nudge) news item.
The Australian (2005)
One news item bristling with British pluck read: `At Ladysmith no more killed.
Gavin Weightman SIGNOR MARCONI'S MAGIC BOX: The invention that sparked the radio revolution (2003)
Salman Rushdie has always been a guzzler of the news item , the snap shot.
India Today (1999)
State-run radio and television, controlled by hardliners, made only passing mentions of the award as their final news item Friday.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
When Chiku explained that they were looking for a news item , he led them to one stack of reference books.
Adams, N I.O.U. - Someone Has to Pay
Why, I ask, having read the same news item without finding it in the least bit peculiar.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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