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Niagara Falls



  1. (functioning as plural) the falls of the Niagara River, on the border between the US and Canada between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario: divided by Goat Island into the American Falls, 50 m (167 ft) high and approximately 300 m (985 ft) wide, and the Horseshoe or Canadian Falls, 47 m (158 ft) high and by some estimates well over 800 m (2625 ft) wide
  2. (functioning as singular) a city in W New York State, situated at the falls of the Niagara River. Pop: 78 815 (2001)
  3. (functioning as singular) a city in S Canada, in SE Ontario on the Niagara River just below the falls: linked to the city of Niagara Falls in the US by three bridges. Pop: 78 815 (2001)

Example Sentences Including 'Niagara Falls'

Eventually Charlie became International Vice President of the Gas, Coke and Chemical Workers Union in the Niagara Falls area.
Henriques, Nikki Inspirational Women
He'd lost the paddle and he was drifting towards Niagara Falls.
Leeson, Robert The Third Class Genie
Just stringing the tightrope for his performance was a daring feat, reports the Niagara Falls Gazette.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Niagara Falls always a crowd-pleaser as the extreme tawdriness of the `attractions' are v alluring to unformed minds.
Bénédicte Newland and Pascale Smets AND GOD CREATED THE AU PAIR (2005)
She would see the Grand Tetons, the Great Salt Lake, she would stand and listen to the thunder of the Niagara Falls.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women
Some have come from towns such as Orillia or Niagara Falls.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Stephen Claeys Niagara Falls , New York Answer: The sequence of events can be determined be looking at the broken ends.
New Scientist (1998)
`That doesn't surprise me," she said, the goodwill now gushing from her like Niagara Falls.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)


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