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  1.  (niːˈʒɛə; ˈnaɪdʒə) . a landlocked republic in West Africa: important since earliest times for its trans-Saharan trade routes; made a French colony in 1922 and became fully independent in 1960; exports peanuts and livestock. Official language: French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Niamey. Pop: 16 899 327 (2013 est). Area: 1 267 000 sq km (489 000 sq miles)
  2.  (ˈnaɪdʒə) . a river in West Africa, rising in S Guinea and flowing in a great northward curve through Mali, then southwest through Niger and Nigeria to the Gulf of Guinea: the third longest river in Africa, with the largest delta, covering an area of 36 260 sq km (14 000 sq miles). Length: 4184 km (2600 miles)
  3.  (ˈnaɪdʒə) . a state of W central Nigeria. Capital: Minna. Pop: 3 950 249 (2006). Area: 76 363 sq km (29 476 sq miles)

Translations for 'Niger'

  • British English: NigerPronunciation for Niger Niger is a republic in West Africa.niːˈʒɛə NOUN
  • Arabic: الْنَيّجَرُPronunciation for الْنَيّجَرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Chinese: 尼日尔Pronunciation for 尼日尔
  • Croatian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Czech: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Danish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Dutch: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • European Spanish: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Finnish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • French: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • German: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Greek: ΝίγηραςPronunciation for Νίγηρας
  • Italian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Japanese: ニジェールPronunciation for ニジェール
  • Korean: 니제르Pronunciation for 니제르
  • Norwegian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Polish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Portuguese: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Romanian: Niger
  • Russian: НигерPronunciation for Нигер
  • Spanish: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Swedish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Thai: ไนเจอร์Pronunciation for ไนเจอร์
  • Turkish: NijerPronunciation for Nijer
  • Ukrainian: Нігер
  • Vietnamese: nước NigerPronunciation for nước Niger

Example Sentences Including 'Niger'

CAVAN: Arva, Niger ; Cavan Town, Turkey; Cootehill, Zambia; Virginia, Nepal.
Sun, News of the World (2002)
Gains later eased, as the market heard talks had begun between the Nigerian government and rebels from the oil-rich Niger Delta.
canada.com (2004)
He was then sent by the African Association to explore the Niger basin and visit Timbuktu.
Kidnapping for ransom is rife in the Niger Delta region of the West African state.
Sun, News of the World (1999)
On Friday, residents of Port Harcourt, the oil-rich Niger Delta's main city, reported hearing pre-dawn gunfire at the time of the attack.
canada.com (2004)
Or that he was buying uranium from Niger , or using mobile biological weapons labs, or had a hand in 9/ 11?
Outlook India (2005)
There was a guy called Al Hadji Bélijébi who came from Niger and had some offices above a pharmacy near here.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
`I was planning to canoe the length of the Niger river from Bamako in Mali right through to its mouth in Nigeria.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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