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  1.  (niːˈʒɛə; ˈnaɪdʒə) . a landlocked republic in West Africa: important since earliest times for its trans-Saharan trade routes; made a French colony in 1922 and became fully independent in 1960; exports peanuts and livestock. Official language: French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: franc. Capital: Niamey. Pop: 16 899 327 (2013 est). Area: 1 267 000 sq km (489 000 sq miles)
  2.  (ˈnaɪdʒə) . a river in West Africa, rising in S Guinea and flowing in a great northward curve through Mali, then southwest through Niger and Nigeria to the Gulf of Guinea: the third longest river in Africa, with the largest delta, covering an area of 36 260 sq km (14 000 sq miles). Length: 4184 km (2600 miles)
  3.  (ˈnaɪdʒə) . a state of W central Nigeria. Capital: Minna. Pop: 3 950 249 (2006). Area: 76 363 sq km (29 476 sq miles)

Translations for 'Niger'

  • British English: NigerPronunciation for Niger Niger is a republic in West Africa.niːˈʒɛə NOUN
  • Arabic: الْنَيّجَرُPronunciation for الْنَيّجَرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Chinese: 尼日尔Pronunciation for 尼日尔
  • Croatian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Czech: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Danish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Dutch: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • European Spanish: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Finnish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • French: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • German: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Greek: ΝίγηραςPronunciation for Νίγηρας
  • Italian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Japanese: ニジェールPronunciation for ニジェール
  • Korean: 니제르Pronunciation for 니제르
  • Norwegian: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Polish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Portuguese: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Romanian: Niger
  • Russian: НигерPronunciation for Нигер
  • Spanish: NígerPronunciation for Níger
  • Swedish: NigerPronunciation for Niger
  • Thai: ไนเจอร์Pronunciation for ไนเจอร์
  • Turkish: NijerPronunciation for Nijer
  • Ukrainian: Нігер
  • Vietnamese: nước NigerPronunciation for nước Niger

Example Sentences Including 'Niger'

Gains later eased, as the market heard talks had begun between the Nigerian government and rebels from the oil-rich Niger Delta.
canada.com (2004)
He was then sent by the African Association to explore the Niger basin and visit Timbuktu.
On Friday, residents of Port Harcourt, the oil-rich Niger Delta's main city, reported hearing pre-dawn gunfire at the time of the attack.
canada.com (2004)
Or that he was buying uranium from Niger , or using mobile biological weapons labs, or had a hand in 9/ 11?
Outlook India (2005)
There was a guy called Al Hadji Bélijébi who came from Niger and had some offices above a pharmacy near here.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)
`I was planning to canoe the length of the Niger river from Bamako in Mali right through to its mouth in Nigeria.
Robert Wilson A DARKENING STAIN (2002)


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