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niggerhead  (ˈnɪɡəˌhɛd) 



(offensive, taboo)
  1. a variant form of negrohead
  2. (US, informal) any hard black rock or stone
  3. (New Zealand & US, informal) a knotted mass of roots in a swamp
  4. (US, informal) any of various round, thorny cacti found in the Southern States
  5. a colloquial name for black-eyed Susan (sense 1
  6. (Australian, informal) any of various grasses with dark seed-heads, belonging to the genus Enneapogon
  7. (US, informal) any of several varieties of freshwater clam
  8. (US, pejorative, old-fashioned) a person active in obtaining political rights for Black people
  9. (nautical) a colloquial name for bollard (sense 1


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