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Definitions of nordic

nordic (ˈnɔːdɪk



  1. (skiing) of or relating to competitions in cross-country racing and ski-jumping . Compare alpine (sense 4
  2. (of recreational walking) incorporating the use of poles that resemble ski poles to aid movement

Nordic (ˈnɔːdɪk



  1. of, relating to, or belonging to a subdivision of the Caucasoid race typified by the tall blond blue-eyed long-headed inhabitants of N Britain, Scandinavia, N Germany, and the Netherlands

Word Origin

C19: from French nordique, from nord north

Translations for 'nordic'

  • British English: Nordic Nordic means relating to the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe. ADJECTIVE...the Nordic countries.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nórdico
  • Chinese: 北欧的北欧歐的
  • European Spanish: nórdico nórdica
  • French: nordique
  • German: nordisch
  • Italian: nordico nordica
  • Japanese: 北欧の
  • Korean: 북유럽 국가의
  • Portuguese: nórdico nórdica
  • Spanish: nórdico nórdica


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