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North Vietnam



  1. a region of N Vietnam, on the Gulf of Tonkin: an independent Communist state from 1954 until 1976. Area: 164 061 sq km (63 344 sq miles)

Example Sentences Including 'North Vietnam'

A month after the exchange with Dr Kissinger, Mr Nixon said of North Vietnam : "We want to decimate that goddamned place.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Five months after the battle, France moved out of what was to become North Vietnam and two years later left South Vietnam for good.
The Australian (2004)
He headed the negotiations with North Vietnam which led to the 1973 ceasefire and a Nobel Peace Prize.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
I suppose you could say that Washington is to North Vietnam what the Court of St James's was to Massachusetts.
Davies, Russell (ed) The Kenneth Williams Letters
Isabel's mother was English and her maternal grandparents Celts: her father was Australian, of Viking descent, now living in North Vietnam.
She did, however, reminisce this week about her trip to North Vietnam.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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