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Definitions of notes

notes  (nəʊts


plural noun

  1. short descriptive or summarized jottings taken down for future reference
  2. a record of impressions, reflections, etc, esp as a literary form

NOTES  (nəʊts


abbreviation for

  1. natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery, a surgical technique for operating on internal organs through bodily orifices

note  (nəʊt



  1. a brief summary or record in writing, esp a jotting for future reference
  2. a brief letter, usually of an informal nature
  3. a formal written communication, esp from one government to another
  4. a short written statement giving any kind of information
  5. a critical comment, explanatory statement, or reference in the text of a book, often preceded by a number
  6. short for banknote
  7. a characteristic element or atmosphere   ⇒ a note of sarcasm
  8. a distinctive vocal sound, as of a species of bird or animal   ⇒ the note of the nightingale
  9. any of a series of graphic signs representing a musical sound whose pitch is indicated by position on the stave and whose duration is indicated by the sign's shape
  10. Also called (esp US and Canadian): tone a musical sound of definite fundamental frequency or pitch
  11. a key on a piano, organ, etc
  12. a sound, as from a musical instrument, used as a signal or warning   ⇒ the note to retreat was sounded
  13. short for promissory note
  14. (archaic ( or poetic) a tune or melody
  15. See of note

  16. See strike the right note

  17. See strike a false note

  18. See take note

verb (transitive; may take a clause as object)

  1. to notice; perceive   ⇒ he noted that there was a man in the shadows
  2. to pay close attention to; observe   ⇒ they noted every movement
  3. to make a written note or memorandum of   ⇒ she noted the date in her diary
  4. to make particular mention of; remark upon   ⇒ I note that you do not wear shoes
  5. to write down (music, a melody, etc) in notes
  6. to take (an unpaid or dishonoured bill of exchange) to a notary public to re-present the bill and if it is still unaccepted or unpaid to note the circumstances in a register See protest (sense 12
  7. a less common word for annotate

Derived Forms

ˈnoteless  adjective

Word Origin

C13: via Old French from Latin nota sign, indication


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= jottings, record, impressions, outline, report
= bear in mind, be aware, take into account
= write down, record, scribble, take down, set down, jot down, put in writing, put down in black and white

Example Sentences Including 'notes'

From what I can make out it's somebody's medical records, or doctor's notes or something.
Stuart Harrison LOST SUMMER (2002)
Bagado spoke to him in Yoruba, sounding solicitous, respecting his elders, and made notes in his little book.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)
There were three lists of observations and twelve pages of technical notes.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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