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novelette (ˌnɒvəˈlɛt Pronunciation for novelette



  1. an extended prose narrative story or short novel
  2. a novel that is regarded as being slight, trivial, or sentimental
  3. a short piece of lyrical music, esp one for the piano

Example Sentences Including 'novelette'

Best novelette went to Michael Swanwick for Slow Life and Geoffrey Landis won best short story for his work Falling onto Mars.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Down below, the cook, his labours over, was lying on his bunk, reading a detective novelette.
Maclean, Alistair The Lonely Sea
Jack Kerouac's novelette Before the Road appeared in Playboy before the beat classic On the Road was published.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Meanwhile, the release of a novelette and another collection of stories by year-end has also been announced.
India Today (2001)
Their phrasing is not untypical of the romantic Victorian writing that might be found in a cheap novelette or popular melodrama.
Callaghan, Mary Rose Kitty O'Shea - The Story of Katharine Parnell


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