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object1 (ˈɒbdʒɪkt Pronunciation for object1



  1. a tangible and visible thing
  2. a person or thing seen as a focus or target for feelings, thought, etc   ⇒ an object of affection
  3. an aim, purpose, or objective
  4. (informal) a ridiculous or pitiable person, spectacle, etc
  5. (philosophy) that towards which cognition is directed, as contrasted with the thinking subject; anything regarded as external to the mind, esp in the external world
  6. (grammar) a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase whose referent is the recipient of the action of a verb See also direct object, indirect object
  7. (grammar) a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that is governed by a preposition
  8. See no object

  9. (computing) a self-contained identifiable component of a software system or design   ⇒ object-oriented programming

Word Origin

C14: from Late Latin objectus something thrown before (the mind), from Latin obicere; see object²


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= purpose, aim, end, point, plan, idea, reason, goal, design, target, principle, function, intention, objective, intent, motive, end in view, end purpose, the why and wherefore

object2 (əbˈdʒɛkt Pronunciation for object2



  1. (transitive; takes a clause as object) to state as an objection   ⇒ he objected that his motives had been good
  2. (intransitive) often foll by to to raise or state an objection (to); present an argument (against)

Derived Forms

obˈjector noun

Word Origin

C15: from Latin obicere, from ob- against + jacere to throw


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= protest against, oppose, say no to, kick against, argue against, draw the line at, take exception to, raise objections to, cry out against, complain against, take up the cudgels against, expostulate against,
= disagree, demur, remonstrate, expostulate, express disapproval,

Translations for 'object'

  • British English: objectPronunciation for object An object is anything that has a fixed shape or form and that is not alive....an object the shape of a coconut.ˈɒbdʒɪkt NOUN
  • Arabic: شَيّءٌPronunciation for شَيّءٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: objetoPronunciation for objeto
  • Chinese: 物体Pronunciation for 物体
  • Croatian: predmetPronunciation for predmet
  • Czech: předmětPronunciation for předmět
  • Danish: objektPronunciation for objekt
  • Dutch: objectPronunciation for object
  • European Spanish: objetoPronunciation for objeto
  • Finnish: esinePronunciation for esine
  • French: objetPronunciation for objet
  • German: GegenstandPronunciation for Gegenstand Gegenstände
  • Greek: αντικειμένοPronunciation for αντικειμένο
  • Italian: oggettoPronunciation for oggetto
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 物
  • Korean: 물체Pronunciation for 물체
  • Norwegian: gjenstandPronunciation for gjenstand
  • Polish: przedmiotPronunciation for przedmiotobiekt
  • Portuguese: objetoPronunciation for objeto
  • Romanian: obiect obiecte
  • Russian: предметPronunciation for предмет
  • Spanish: objetoPronunciation for objeto
  • Swedish: objektPronunciation for objekt
  • Thai: วัตถุสิ่งของPronunciation for วัตถุสิ่งของ
  • Turkish: nesnePronunciation for nesne
  • Ukrainian: об'єкт
  • Vietnamese: vật thểPronunciation for vật thể
  • British English: object If you object to something, you express your dislike or disapproval of it. VERBA lot of people will object to the book.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fazer objeção
  • Chinese: 反对反对對
  • European Spanish: oponerse
  • French: exprimer sa désapprobation
  • German: Einwände haben
  • Italian: trovare da ridere
  • Japanese: 反対する
  • Korean: 반대하다
  • Portuguese: levantar objeção
  • Spanish: oponerse

Example Sentences Including 'object'

A mould of the object is then produced from flexible rubber, with a plaster jacket surrounding it.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Despite this, it achieved its object of improving margins, which rose from 9.8 % to 11.6 %.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Feeling around in her bag, she pulls out a small fabric object , like a pin-cushion.
Scarlett Thomas GOING OUT (2002)
Instead, he honours the figure by calling it an idol, an object of worship.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Most of the crewmembers were sick and Audrey Brown had been hit by a flying object.
Rob Mundle FATAL STORM (2001)
Not in a grimoire or a Charter Stone, but on some object or something solid.
Others began to object , pointing out that a decision had already been reached.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The eyebrows raised to the side on which the eyes are turned, the head inclined towards the object which causes love.
Fidelis Morgan THE RIVAL QUEENS: A Countess Ashby de la Zouche Mystery (2002)
There's nothing wrong with experiment per se - what I object to is experiment on the original text.
New Scientist (2004)


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