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objectively (əbˈdʒektɪvlɪ) 



  1. in a manner that is undistorted by emotion or personal bias   ⇒ We simply want to inform people objectively about events.
  2. in a manner that is based on facts   ⇒ It was desirable to view these things objectively.   ⇒ Try to view situations more objectively.
  3. (philosophy) in a manner that exists independently of perception or an individual's conceptions   ⇒ It exists objectively.
  4. (medicine) in a manner that is perceptible to persons other than the individual affected   ⇒ The organ had enlarged objectively.
  5. (grammar) in a manner that relates to the objective case   ⇒ The case was used objectively.


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= impartially, neutrally, fairly, justly, without prejudice, dispassionately, with an open mind, equitably, without fear or favour, even-handedly, without bias, disinterestedly, with objectivity or impartiality

objective (əbˈdʒɛktɪv Pronunciation for objective



  1. existing independently of perception or an individual's conceptions   ⇒ are there objective moral values?
  2. undistorted by emotion or personal bias
  3. of or relating to actual and external phenomena as opposed to thoughts, feelings, etc
  4. (medicine) (of disease symptoms) perceptible to persons other than the individual affected
  5. (grammar) denoting a case of nouns and pronouns, esp in languages having only two cases, that is used to identify the direct object of a finite verb or preposition and for various other purposes. In English the objective case of pronouns is also used in many elliptical constructions (as in Poor me! Who, him?), as the subject of a gerund (as in It was me helping him), informally as a predicate complement (as in It's me), and in nonstandard use as part of a compound subject (as in John, Larry, and me went fishing) See also accusative
  6. of, or relating to a goal or aim


  1. the object of one's endeavours; goal; aim
  2. Also called: objective point (military) a place or position towards which forces are directed
  3. an actual phenomenon; reality
  4. (grammar)
    1. the objective case
    2. a word or speech element in the objective case
  5. Also called: object glass (optics)
    1. the lens or combination of lenses nearest to the object in an optical instrument
    2. the lens or combination of lenses forming the image in a camera or projector
obj Compare: subjective

Derived Forms

objectival (ˌɒbdʒɛkˈtaɪvəl Pronunciation for objectival  adjective
obˈjectively adverb
ˌobjecˈtivity, (rare) obˈjectiveness noun

Example Sentences Including 'objectively'

Advocate Opperman notes that the attack against which Mrs Engelbrecht claims to have been defending herself was not objectively imminent.
SA Star (2005)
He has a natural ability to understand the motives of others and can see things objectively.
Fenton, Sasha Body Reading
He mentioned you quite objectively , as if you were nothing to him in the world.
Barnard, Robert Death in Purple Prose
He shook himself slightly, as though in reproach for an over-confidence as he looked at me objectively.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark
I think working on high buildings allows you to see a city objectively.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Prelec plans to test his system using objectively verifiable questions.
New Scientist (2004)
She was a woman - I try to look back on her objectively now, though it's difficult - with a vile, simmering temper.
Barnard, Robert Political Suicide
The government had 24 members and " objectively " only four came from outside.
Irish Times (2002)


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