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octopus (ˈɒktəpəs Pronunciation for octopus



(plural) -puses
  1. any cephalopod mollusc of the genera Octopus, Eledone, etc, having a soft oval body with eight long suckered tentacles and occurring at the sea bottom: order Octopoda (octopods)
  2. a powerful influential organization with far-reaching effects, esp harmful ones
  3. another name for spider (sense 8)

Word Origin

C18: via New Latin from Greek oktōpous having eight feet

Translations for 'octopus'

  • British English: octopusPronunciation for octopus An octopus is a sea creature with eight tentacles.ˈɒktəpəs NOUN
  • Arabic: أخْطَبُوطٌPronunciation for أخْطَبُوطٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: polvoPronunciation for polvo
  • Chinese: 章鱼Pronunciation for 章鱼
  • Croatian: hobotnicaPronunciation for hobotnica
  • Czech: chobotnicePronunciation for chobotnice
  • Danish: blækspruttePronunciation for blæksprutte
  • Dutch: octopusPronunciation for octopus
  • European Spanish: pulpoPronunciation for pulpo
  • Finnish: mustekalaPronunciation for mustekala
  • French: pieuvrePronunciation for pieuvre
  • German: TintenfischPronunciation for Tintenfisch
  • Greek: χταπόδιPronunciation for χταπόδι
  • Italian: polipoPronunciation for polipo
  • Japanese: タコPronunciation for タコ動物
  • Korean: 문어Pronunciation for 문어
  • Norwegian: blekksprutPronunciation for blekksprut
  • Polish: ośmiornicaPronunciation for ośmiornica
  • Portuguese: polvoPronunciation for polvo
  • Romanian: caracatiță caracatițe
  • Russian: осьминогPronunciation for осьминог
  • Spanish: pulpoPronunciation for pulpo
  • Swedish: bläckfiskPronunciation for bläckfisk
  • Thai: ปลาหมึกยักษ์Pronunciation for ปลาหมึกยักษ์
  • Turkish: ahtapotPronunciation for ahtapot
  • Ukrainian: восьминіг
  • Vietnamese: con bạch tuộcPronunciation for con bạch tuộc

Example Sentences Including 'octopus'

Dr. Pierce believes the Chilean blob will turn out to be whale remains But Dr. Carr said there is a chance it is a giant octopus.
Globe and Mail (2003)
His way was the way you soften an octopus , beating it against a rock.
Brierley, David Skorpion's Death
Meet the octopus that swapped its sturdy grip for an eerie glow
New Scientist (1999)
Mr Jameson, the biology teacher, once said that an octopus brain was just as good as a human brain.
Leeson, Robert The Third Class Genie
Roberto brought us some delicious thinly sliced octopus.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)
Shirley's looked like a comet with a couple of tails, Eileen's more like an octopus.
Butler, Gwendoline Coffin on the Water
The grilled octopus is tough but we love its piquant dressing made from sesame, watercress, soy and rice vinegar.
Globe and Mail (2003)
There's also the porcupine fish, sharks, eels and an octopus.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
They were tiny baby octopus tentacles, so the wounds would heal very quickly, although not the memories.
Pizzey, Erin For the Love of a Stranger


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