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okay (ˌəʊˈkeɪ Pronunciation for okay


sentence substitute, adjective, verb, noun

  1. a variant of O.K.

Translations for 'okay'

  • British English: okayPronunciation for okay If you say that something is okay, you find it satisfactory or acceptable.Is it okay if I go by myself?ˌəʊˈkeɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: حَسَنٌPronunciation for حَسَنٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: certoPronunciation for certo certa
  • Chinese: 好的Pronunciation for 好的
  • Croatian: okejPronunciation for okej
  • Czech: dobrýPronunciation for dobrý
  • Danish: okayPronunciation for okay
  • Dutch: okéPronunciation for oké
  • European Spanish: bienPronunciation for bien
  • Finnish: okeiPronunciation for okei
  • French: convenablePronunciation for convenable
  • German: in OrdnungPronunciation for in Ordnung
  • Greek: αποδεκτόςPronunciation for αποδεκτός αποδεκτή
  • Italian: giustoPronunciation for giusto giusta
  • Japanese: オーケーPronunciation for オーケー
  • Korean: 괜찮은Pronunciation for 괜찮은
  • Norwegian: okayPronunciation for okay
  • Polish: w porządkuPronunciation for w porządku
  • Portuguese: certoPronunciation for certo certa
  • Romanian: în regulă
  • Russian: хорошийPronunciation for хороший хорошая
  • Spanish: bienPronunciation for bien
  • Swedish: okejPronunciation for okej
  • Thai: ตกลงPronunciation for ตกลง
  • Turkish: okeyPronunciation for okey
  • Ukrainian: нормальний
  • Vietnamese: đượcPronunciation for được
  • British English: okay If someone in authority okays something, they officially agree to it or allow it to happen. VERBHis doctor wouldn't OK the trip.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: OK
  • Chinese: 批准
  • European Spanish: autorizar
  • French: approuver
  • German: genehmigen
  • Italian: dare l'okay a
  • Japanese: 承認する
  • Korean: 허락하다
  • Portuguese: OK
  • Spanish: autorizar
  • British English: okay!Pronunciation for okay! You can say `Okay!' to show that you agree to something.əʊˈkeɪ INTERJECTION
  • Arabic: حسناًPronunciation for حسناً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: está bem!Pronunciation for está bem!
  • Chinese: 好的!Pronunciation for 好的!
  • Croatian: okej!Pronunciation for okej!
  • Czech: ok!Pronunciation for ok!
  • Danish: okayPronunciation for okay
  • Dutch: oké!Pronunciation for oké!
  • European Spanish: ¡vale!Pronunciation for ¡vale!
  • Finnish: okei!Pronunciation for okei!
  • French: d’accord !Pronunciation for d’accord !
  • German: okay!Pronunciation for okay!
  • Greek: εντάξει!Pronunciation for εντάξει!
  • Italian: okay!Pronunciation for okay!
  • Japanese: オーケー!Pronunciation for オーケー!
  • Korean: 좋아!Pronunciation for 좋아!
  • Norwegian: okay!Pronunciation for okay!
  • Polish: OK, dobra!Pronunciation for OK, dobra!
  • Portuguese: está bem!Pronunciation for está bem!
  • Romanian: OK!
  • Russian: хорошо!Pronunciation for хорошо!
  • Spanish: ¡okey!Pronunciation for ¡okey!
  • Swedish: okej!Pronunciation for okej!
  • Thai: โอเคPronunciation for โอเค
  • Turkish: okey!Pronunciation for okey!
  • Ukrainian: гаразд
  • Vietnamese: tốt!Pronunciation for tốt!

Example Sentences Including 'okay'

He said, `If you don't want to put your clothes on, that's okay.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
If everything works out okay , I'll call you and you can come.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2002)
Throughout the evening he would pass unobtrusively among the tables making sure that everything was okay.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)


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