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old lady



  1. an informal term for mother1, wife (sense 1)
  2. a large noctuid moth, Mormo maura, that has drab patterned wings originally thought to resemble an elderly Victorian lady's shawl

Example Sentences Including 'old lady'

- That was a real waste, sending "Toro," valued at nearly six bucks, to an old lady like me.
Globe and Mail (2003)
I remember an old lady called Amy, whose husband came every afternoon to walk her round the grounds of the hospital.
Knowles, Jane Know Your Own Mind
In the case of my mall encounter, the word clearly meant, "Get out of my face, old lady.
Globe and Mail (2003)
In the end the old lady of the sea probably deserves her retirement.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
Rosa watched her, longing to give comfort to this unhappy old lady however much she disliked her.
Low, Ona Murky Shallows
Sleazy Rider Trick out your hog to give your old lady the ultimate high-speed thrill.
Maxim (2004)
There were moments when she seemed to be talking like a little soured old lady.
Hilton, John Buxton The Innocents at Home (A Superintendent Kenworthy novel)
Well, it was no skin off his nose, he just hoped the old lady would like the replacement.
MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water


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