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operetta (ˌɒpəˈrɛtə Pronunciation for operetta



  1. a type of comic or light-hearted opera

Derived Forms

ˌoperˈettist noun

Word Origin

C18: from Italian: a small opera1

Example Sentences Including 'operetta'

- Hooked on Stolz: A tribute to one of the great masters of Viennese operetta , Robert Stolz, famous son of Graz, from May 24-31.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
A highlight was Brahms's Liebesleider (Lovesong) Waltzes, which are as close to writing an operetta as the dour composer ever got.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
But the one who is to arrive and rescue her is only a bored hero from an operetta.
Susie Gilbert and Jay Shir A TALE OF FOUR HOUSES: Opera at Covent Garden, La Scala, Vienna and the Met since 1945 (2003)
Tempting, but superficial -for the roots of Rodgers's lyricism surely lie in Viennese operetta.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
`He looks, "Richard murmured, `as if he's just walked out of an operetta.
Thomas, Rosie The White Dove


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