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Ophiuchus (ɒˈfjuːkəs Pronunciation for Ophiuchus



Word forms:   Latin genitive Ophiuchi  (ɒˈfjuːkaɪ Pronunciation for
  1. a large constellation lying on the celestial equator between Hercules and Scorpius and containing the dark nebula, Ophiuchus Nebula

Word Origin

C17: via Latin from Greek Ophioukhos, from ophis snake + ekhein to hold

Example Sentences Including 'Ophiuchus'

However, Greaves says the fact that orphan planets are so common in Rho Ophiuchus B makes this unlikely.
New Scientist (2003)
{ SERPENS The Serpent } An ancient constellation, representing a snake wound around the body of Ophiuchus.
Ridpath, Ian & Tirion, Will Stars and Planets


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