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osculation (ˌɒskjʊˈleɪʃən Pronunciation for osculation



  1. Also called: tacnode (mathematics) a point at which two branches of a curve have a common tangent, each branch extending in both directions of the tangent
  2. (rare) the act or an instance of kissing

Derived Forms

osculatory (ˈɒskjʊlətərɪ Pronunciation for osculatory ; -trɪ)  adjective

Example Sentences Including 'osculation'

But Montini adopted a swift downward movement of the hand to avoid this ` osculation of homage".
Hebblethwaite, Peter Paul VI - The First Modern Pope
His penchant for pun and wordplay makes one wonder what he could have done with osculation in popular song.
Independent (1998)


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