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ostracise (ˈɒstrəˌsaɪz) 


transitive verb

  1. (British) = ostracize

ostracize or ostracise (ˈɒstrəˌsaɪz Pronunciation for )


verb (transitive)

  1. to exclude or banish (a person) from a particular group, society, etc
  2. (in ancient Greece) to punish by temporary exile

Derived Forms

ˈostracism noun
ˈostraˌcizable, ˈostraˌcisable adjective
ˈostraˌcizer, ˈostraˌciser noun

Word Origin

C17: from Greek ostrakizein to select someone for banishment by voting on potsherds; see ostracon

Example Sentences Including 'ostracise'

The best soldier was the one able to ` ostracise the mind from everything soft or sentimental".
De Groot, Gerard J. Douglas Haig, 1861-1928


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