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ostracize or ostracise (ˈɒstrəˌsaɪz )


verb (transitive)

  1. to exclude or banish (a person) from a particular group, society, etc
  2. (in ancient Greece) to punish by temporary exile

Derived Forms

ˈostracism  noun
ˈostraˌcizable, ˈostraˌcisable  adjective
ˈostraˌcizer, ˈostraˌciser  noun

Word Origin

C17: from Greek ostrakizein to select someone for banishment by voting on potsherds; see ostracon


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= exclude, reject, boycott, avoid, exile, expel, snub, banish, shun, shut out, blacklist, cold-shoulder, cast out, excommunicate, blackball, give (someone) the cold shoulder, send to Coventry

Translations for 'ostracize'

  • British English: ostracize If someone is ostracized, people deliberately behave in an unfriendly way towards them and do not allow them to take part in any of their social activities. VERBShe claims she's being ostracized by some members of her local community.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: condenar ao ostracismo
  • Chinese: 排斥
  • European Spanish: hacer el vacío a
  • French: ostraciser
  • German: ächten
  • Italian: dare l'ostracismo a
  • Japanese: 排斥する
  • Korean: 배척당하다
  • Portuguese: condenar ao ostracismo
  • Spanish: hacer el vacío a

Example Sentences Including 'ostracize'

The money would soon run out, Posy would ostracize her, and there wasn't a suitable job for miles.
Christina Jones TICKLED PINK (2002)


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