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outré  (ˈuːtreɪ



  1. deviating from what is usual or proper

Word Origin

C18: from French past participle of outrer to pass beyond


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= eccentric, odd, strange, out there (slang), bizarre, fantastic, weird, way-out (informal), peculiar, queer (informal), extravagant, rum (British) (slang), quirky, singular, grotesque, unconventional, idiosyncratic, kinky (informal), off-the-wall (slang), outlandish, whimsical, left-field (informal), freakish, freaky (slang), wacko (slang), daggy (Australian) ( & New Zealand) (informal)

Example Sentences Including 'outré'

but the Foreign Secretary scuttled rabbit-like into the nearest shop, which unfortunately happened to sell outré lingerie.
Barnard, Robert Political Suicide
Well that's a bit outré , in any case they might not be boys.
Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)
Always wanting something new and outré , which can be tedious as well as physically dangerous.
Barnard, Robert Political Suicide


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