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overt (ˈəʊvɜːt Pronunciation for overt ; əʊˈvɜːt Pronunciation for overt



  1. open to view; observable
  2. (law) open; deliberate. Criminal intent may be inferred from an overt act

Derived Forms

ˈovertly adverb
ˈovertness noun

Word Origin

C14: via Old French, from ovrir to open, from Latin aperīre

Translations for 'overt'

  • British English: overt An overt action or attitude is done or shown in an open and obvious way. ADJECTIVEHis recent productions have been beautifully crafted works with little overt political content.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: patente
  • Chinese: 公开的公开開的
  • European Spanish: abierto
  • French: manifeste
  • German: offen
  • Italian: palese
  • Japanese: 明白な
  • Korean: 공공연한
  • Portuguese: patente
  • Spanish: explícito explícita

Example Sentences Including 'overt'

Equally, they did not flaunt their feminism, and their overt political attitudes were muted.
Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight
Hilde gave her evidence lucidly and, for the most part, without overt emotion.
Moore, Margaret Forests of the Night
Llewelyn had known there would be no overt defiance, not at his own court.
Penman, Sharon Here Be Dragons


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