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panhandle1 (ˈpænˌhændəl Pronunciation for panhandle1



  1. (sometimes capital) (in the US) a narrow strip of land that projects from one state into another
  2. (in a South African city) a plot of land without street frontage

panhandle2 (ˈpænˌhændəl Pronunciation for panhandle2



  1. (US & Canadian, informal) to accost and beg from (passers-by), esp on the street

Derived Forms

ˈpanˌhandler noun

Word Origin

C19: probably a back formation from panhandler a person who begs with a pan

Example Sentences Including 'panhandle'

Florida panhandle The National Hurricane Center expects Ivan to turn north and weaken slightly as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico.
New Scientist (2004)
I caught this little Christian psycho-drama on my car radio while cruising westwards across the panhandle of Florida.
Kennedy, Douglas In God's Country: travels in the Bible belt, USA.
It eventually hit the Alabama coast and the Florida panhandle last Thursday and has caused a total of 49 deaths in five US states.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
Older beggars say they are forced to panhandle as they cannot manage on their fortnightly pensions.
Misc (1999)


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