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panhandler (ˈpænhændlə) 



  1. (US, informal) someone who accosts and begs from (passers-by), esp on the street

panhandle2 (ˈpænˌhændəl Pronunciation for panhandle2



  1. (US & Canadian, informal) to accost and beg from (passers-by), esp on the street

Derived Forms

ˈpanˌhandler noun

Word Origin

C19: probably a back formation from panhandler a person who begs with a pan

Example Sentences Including 'panhandler'

, at 1: 30 a. m. The man, who speaks only Spanish, was stabbed in the back after indicating he didn't understand the panhandler.
Toronto Sun (2003)
I'll concede that there are good days when a panhandler might make quadruple that.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
In New York there is a panhandler who works Central Park South with the cry, `Twenty dollars minimum, folks!
Lawson, Dominic (ed.) The Spectator Annual
`No. Scobie, Arnold is shifty and has his hand out for anything you'll put into it, he's the most up-market panhandler I've ever met.
Cleary, Jon Murder Song


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