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Definitions of park

park  (pɑːk



  1. a large area of land preserved in a natural state for recreational use by the public See also national park
  2. a piece of open land in a town with public amenities
  3. (New Zealand) an area, esp of mountain country, reserved for recreational purposes
  4. a large area of land forming a private estate
  5. (English law) an enclosed tract of land where wild beasts are protected, acquired by a subject by royal grant or prescription Compare forest (sense 5
  6. an area designed and landscaped to accommodate a group of related enterprises, businesses, research establishments, etc   ⇒ science park
  7. (US & Canadian) See amusement park
  8. (US & Canadian & New Zealand) See car park
  9. (US & Canadian) a playing field or sports stadium
  10. See the park

  11. a gear selector position on the automatic transmission of a motor vehicle that acts as a parking brake
  12. the area in which the equipment and supplies of a military formation are assembled
  13. a high valley surrounded by mountains in the western US


  1. to stop and leave (a vehicle) temporarily
  2. to manoeuvre (a motor vehicle) into a space for it to be left   ⇒ try to park without hitting the kerb
  3. (stock exchange) to register (securities) in the name of another or of nominees in order to conceal their real ownership
  4. (transitive) (informal) to leave or put somewhere   ⇒ park yourself in front of the fire
  5. (intransitive) (military) to arrange equipment in a park
  6. (transitive) to enclose in or as a park

Derived Forms

ˈparkˌlike  adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old French parc, from Medieval Latin parricus enclosure, from Germanic; compare Old High German pfarrih pen, Old English pearruc paddock1


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= recreation ground, garden, playground, pleasure garden, playpark, domain (New Zealand), forest park (New Zealand)
= parkland, grounds, estate, lawns, woodland, grassland
= field, pitch, playing field
= put (down), leave, place, stick, deposit, dump, shove, plonk (informal)

Quotations including 'park'

  • "The parks are the lungs of London" [William Pitt, Earl of Chatham]

Park  (pɑːk



  1. Mungo ((ˈmʌŋɡəʊ)). 1771–1806, Scottish explorer. He led two expeditions (1795–97; 1805–06) to trace the course of the Niger in Africa. He was drowned during the second expedition
  2. Nick, full name Nicholas Wulstan Park. born 1958, British animator and film director; his films include A Grand Day Out (1992), which introduced the characters Wallace and Gromit, and the feature-length Chicken Run (2000)
  3. Chung Hee ((ˈtʃʊŋ ˈhiː)). 1917–79, South Korean politician; president of the Republic of Korea (1963–79); assassinated

Translations for 'park'

  • British English: park A park is a place with grass and trees. People go to parks to take exercise or play games.pɑːk NOUN
  • Arabic: مُتَنَزَهٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: parque
  • Chinese: 公园
  • Croatian: park
  • Czech: park
  • Danish: park
  • Dutch: park
  • European Spanish: parque
  • Finnish: puisto
  • French: parcespace vert
  • German: Park Parks
  • Greek: πάρκο
  • Italian: parco
  • Japanese: 公園
  • Korean: 공원자연
  • Norwegian: park
  • Polish: park
  • Portuguese: parque
  • Romanian: parc parcuri
  • Russian: парк
  • Spanish: parque
  • Swedish: park
  • Thai: สวนสาธารณะ
  • Turkish: park
  • Ukrainian: парк
  • Vietnamese: công viên
  • British English: park When someone parks a car, they leave it somewhere.They parked in the street outside the house.I parked the car outside the house.pɑːk VERB
  • Arabic: يَركُنُ سِيَارَةً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: estacionar
  • Chinese: 停泊车辆
  • Croatian: parkirati
  • Czech: parkovat zaparkovat
  • Danish: parkere
  • Dutch: parkeren
  • European Spanish: aparcar
  • Finnish: pysäköidä
  • French: garer
  • German: parken
  • Greek: παρκάρω
  • Italian: parcheggiare
  • Japanese: 駐車する
  • Korean: 주차하다
  • Norwegian: parkere
  • Polish: zaparkować parkować
  • Portuguese: estacionar
  • Romanian: a parca
  • Russian: парковать(ся)
  • Spanish: estacionar
  • Swedish: parkera
  • Thai: จอดรถ
  • Turkish: park etmek
  • Ukrainian: паркуватися припаркуватися
  • Vietnamese: đỗ xe

Example Sentences Including 'park'

Marijke emerged blinking into the daylight of the police station car park.
We're not exactly living in a trailer park in case you haven't noticed.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)
Bambi Park, their rendezvous, was an amusement park built by Slobodan Milosevic's son, Marko.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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