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parochialism (pəˈrəʊkɪəlɪzəm) 



  1. (pejorative) a narrow outlook or scope; provincialism   ⇒ We have been guilty of parochialism, of resistance to change.


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= provincialism, narrowness, insularity, narrow-mindedness, localism, small-mindedness, limitedness, restrictedness

parochial (pəˈrəʊkɪəl Pronunciation for parochial



  1. narrow in outlook or scope; provincial
  2. of or relating to a parish or parishes

Derived Forms

paˈrochialˌism noun
paˌrochiˈality noun
paˈrochially adverb

Word Origin

C14: via Old French from Church Latin parochiālis; see parish

Example Sentences Including 'parochialism'

(9) This wasn't about cultural parochialism , placing Victorian paintings above the art of other nations and times.
Spiked (2004)
IT is not narrow parochialism to point to Scottish influences in Canadian literature.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Life in East Hampton - the village, its people, the cloying parochialism - became just another rod to beat him with.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)
Rosalind felt she could count on the Austrian-born Evi to understand her dislike of English parochialism.
Brenda Maddox ROSALIND FRANKLIN (2002)
The New Yorker's list, reproduced here, offended McCrum because of its parochialism and smugness.
Misc (1999)
We have done our very best to try to remove the parochialism.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2005)


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