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pastrami (pəˈstrɑːmɪ Pronunciation for pastrami



  1. highly seasoned smoked beef, esp prepared from a shoulder cut

Word Origin

from Yiddish, from Romanian pastramǎ, from pǎstra to preserve

Example Sentences Including 'pastrami'

I ate pastrami at the Carnegie Deli and blintzes at the Russian Tea Room, but I could not exorcise the ghost of Unfinished Business.
Independent (1998)
The range of fillings includes cheeses, ham, chicken, pastrami , beef, loads of salad bits and condiments.
Misc (1995)
There's nothing like a mouthful of hot, juicy pastrami with mustard.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
To truly capitalize on its Montreal deli claim, it will have to expand its one-trick pastrami menu.
Edmonton Sun (2003)


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