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patrimony (ˈpætrɪmənɪ Pronunciation for patrimony



(plural) -nies
  1. an inheritance from one's father or other ancestor
  2. the endowment of a church

Derived Forms

patrimonial (ˌpætrɪˈməʊnɪəl Pronunciation for patrimonial  adjective
ˌpatriˈmonially adverb

Word Origin

C14 patrimoyne, from Old French, from Latin patrimonium paternal inheritance

Example Sentences Including 'patrimony'

"The remains of the past are very often part of the patrimony of people in the present.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
' These are the familiar strains of people claiming patrimony for success.
Business Today (2001)
Greg Barns quotes Wolin as exempting Freud from the tide of modern unreason because he proudly asserted his Enlightenment patrimony.
The Australian (2004)
Guala was not impressed, warned that John was the Pope's vassal and England part of the patrimony of the Holy Roman Church.
Penman, Sharon Here Be Dragons
Jung, unlike Sigmund Freud, who ``proudly asserted his Enlightenment patrimony ', denounced the failings of Western civilisation.
The Australian (2004)
Signor Ciampi said Italy's cultural patrimony " make up the common identity and heritage of the entire country".
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
We are very rich in minerals and forestry resources -- and they are pillaging the country and carting our patrimony away to China.
Kewley, Vanya Tibet - Behind the Ice Curtain


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