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peace of mind (piːs əv maɪnd) 



  1. the absence of worry   ⇒ We told the surveyor we wanted peace of mind

Example Sentences Including 'peace of mind'

And happily for his long-term peace of mind , the answer was no.
The Australian (2004)
Far from giving her peace of mind , it had only created more trouble.
Stewart, Michael Grace
In other cases it is perhaps better that we remain ignorant for our peace of mind.
Malcolm, John Gothic Pursuit
She says:'We give farmers peace of mind by doing all the administrative work needed to run a business.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
The peace of mind that Australians were told private health cover offers them is proving increasingly evasive.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2005)
There is no guarantee that truth will bring happiness or peace of mind.
These might relate to achievement of a good outcome, feeling better, or gaining peace of mind (box).
British Medical Journal (2002)
Without morality there can be no peace of mind, and without peace of mind there can be no insight into reality.
Montgomery, Daniel B Fire in the Lotus - the dynamic Buddhism of Nichiren


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