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peaceful (ˈpiːsfʊl Pronunciation for peaceful



  1. not in a state of war or disagreement
  2. tranquil; calm
  3. not involving violence   ⇒ peaceful picketing
  4. of, relating to, or in accord with a time of peace   ⇒ peaceful uses of atomic energy
  5. inclined towards peace

Derived Forms

ˈpeacefully adverb
ˈpeacefulness noun


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= friendly, at peace, harmonious, amicable, cordial, nonviolent, without hostility, free from strife, on friendly or good terms,
= peace-loving, conciliatory, peaceable, placatory, irenic, pacific, unwarlike,

Translations for 'peaceful'

  • British English: peacefulPronunciation for peaceful Peaceful means not involving war or violence.He has attempted to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.ˈpiːsfʊl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: مُسَالِمٌPronunciation for مُسَالِمٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pacíficoPronunciation for pacífico pacífica
  • Chinese: 和平的Pronunciation for 和平的
  • Croatian: miranPronunciation for miran mirna
  • Czech: mírovýPronunciation for mírový
  • Danish: fredeligPronunciation for fredelig
  • Dutch: vredigPronunciation for vredig
  • European Spanish: pacíficoPronunciation for pacífico pacífica
  • Finnish: rauhallinenPronunciation for rauhallinen
  • French: paisiblePronunciation for paisible
  • German: friedlichPronunciation for friedlich
  • Greek: ειρηνικόςPronunciation for ειρηνικός ειρηνική
  • Italian: pacificoPronunciation for pacifico pacifica
  • Japanese: 平和なPronunciation for 平和な
  • Korean: 평화로운Pronunciation for 평화로운
  • Norwegian: fredeligPronunciation for fredelig
  • Polish: spokojnyPronunciation for spokojny spokojna
  • Portuguese: pacíficoPronunciation for pacífico pacífica
  • Romanian: pașnic pașnic, pașnică, pașnici, pașnice
  • Russian: мирныйPronunciation for мирный мирная
  • Spanish: pacíficoPronunciation for pacífico pacíficaen paz
  • Swedish: fridfullPronunciation for fridfull fridfullt
  • Thai: อย่างสงบPronunciation for อย่างสงบ
  • Turkish: barışçılPronunciation for barışçıl
  • Ukrainian: мирний
  • Vietnamese: yên tĩnhPronunciation for yên tĩnh

Example Sentences Including 'peaceful'

Stan tried to smile, then said in wistful tones, `Actually, it's rather peaceful with Dad in jail.
Pickard, Nancy No Body
The demonstration at the opening ceremony of the Palshaw Tunnel hadn't been peaceful.
Aird, Catherine A Dead Liberty
That he brings to Tallinn a Western reporter who would write an article on peaceful Estonia!
Forbes, Colin Cover Story


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