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pelican  (ˈpɛlɪkən



  1. any aquatic bird of the tropical and warm water family Pelecanidae, such as P. onocrotalus (white pelican): order Pelecaniformes. They have a long straight flattened bill, with a distensible pouch for engulfing fish

Word Origin

Old English pellican, from Late Latin pelicānus, from Greek pelekān; perhaps related to Greek pelekus axe, perhaps from the shape of the bird's bill; compare Greek pelekas woodpecker

Translations for 'pelican'

  • British English: pelican A pelican is a type of large water bird. It catches fish and keeps them in the bottom part of its beak which is shaped like a large bag.ˈpɛlɪkən NOUN
  • Arabic: بَجَعَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pelicano
  • Chinese: 鹈鹕
  • Croatian: pelikan
  • Czech: pelikán
  • Danish: pelikan
  • Dutch: pelikaan
  • European Spanish: pelícano
  • Finnish: pelikaani
  • French: pélican
  • German: Pelikan
  • Greek: πελεκάνος
  • Italian: pellicano
  • Japanese: ペリカン
  • Korean: 펠리컨
  • Norwegian: pelikan
  • Polish: pelikan
  • Portuguese: pelicano
  • Romanian: pelican pelicani
  • Russian: пеликан
  • Spanish: pelícano
  • Swedish: pelikan
  • Thai: นกกระทุง
  • Turkish: pelikan
  • Ukrainian: пелікан
  • Vietnamese: chim bồ nông

Example Sentences Including 'pelican'

Crossing back over the pelican crossing, I read the letters page as I walked up Malone Avenue.
David Cavanagh MUSIC FOR BOYS (2003)
A pelican , perched on the rocks, tried to stare Stone down, then flapped off to join his buddies.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
Twenty minutes later she was hovering on the southern side of the park, at the edge of the pelican lake, as the lunch hour approached.
Dobbs, Michael The Touch of Innocents


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