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Definitions of perch

perch1  (pɜːtʃ



  1. a pole, branch, or other resting place above ground on which a bird roosts or alights
  2. a similar resting place for a person or thing
  3. another name for rod (sense 7
  4. a solid measure for stone, usually taken as 198 inches by 18 inches by 12 inches
  5. a pole joining the front and rear axles of a carriage
  6. a frame on which cloth is placed for inspection
  7. (obsolete ( or dialect) a pole


  1. (usually followed by on) to alight, rest, or cause to rest on or as if on a perch   ⇒ the bird perched on the branch,   ⇒ the cap was perched on his head
  2. (transitive) to inspect (cloth) on a perch

Derived Forms

ˈpercher  noun

Word Origin

C13 perche stake, from Old French, from Latin pertica long staff


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= land, alight, roost
= resting place, post, branch, pole, roost

perch2  (pɜːtʃ



Word forms:   plural perch perches
  1. any freshwater spiny-finned teleost fish of the family Percidae, esp those of the genus Perca, such as P. fluviatilis of Europe and P. flavescens (yellow perch) of North America: valued as food and game fishes
  2. any of various similar or related fishes

Word Origin

C13: from Old French perche, from Latin perca, from Greek perkē; compare Greek perkos spotted

Translations for 'perch'

  • British English: perch If you perch on something, you sit down lightly on the very edge or tip of it. VERBHe perched on the corner of the desk.to perch on sth
  • Brazilian Portuguese: empoleirar-se
  • Chinese: 轻坐在轻輕坐在
  • European Spanish: sentarse en el borde
  • French: se percher
  • German: hocken
  • Italian: appollaiarsi
  • Japanese: 腰をかける
  • Korean: 걸터앉다
  • Portuguese: empoleirar-se
  • Spanish: sentarse en el borde
  • British English: perch A perch is a short rod for a bird to stand on. NOUNA small, yellow bird in a cage sat on its perch outside the house.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: poleiro
  • Chinese: 栖枝栖<TRAD>棲</TRAD>枝輕坐在
  • European Spanish: percha
  • French: perchoir
  • German: Stange
  • Italian: posatoio
  • Japanese: 止まり木
  • Korean: 횃대
  • Portuguese: poleiro
  • Spanish: percha

Example Sentences Including 'perch'

He got the bard settled, then climbed back to his window perch to watch the twilight fading.
Kerr, Katharine A Time of War
He leaned through the open door, snatched up the rug, and ducked back to his perch on the skid.
Jenkins, Geoffrey A Daystar of Fear
Conrad stared at the chair, unable to recall the short stroll he must surely have made from the abandoned perch to his bed.
Mark Mills AMAGANSETT (2004)


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