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perp (pɜːp Pronunciation for perp



  1. (US & Canadian, informal) a person who has committed a crime

Word Origin

C20: from perpetrate

Example Sentences Including 'perp'

But if he merely requests your wheels to apprehend an escaping perp , thenyou probably still should do it.
Maxim (2004)
But our perp didn't just happen to have a burin, he had to steal it.
Anthony Masters CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD (2001)
If we're real lucky there could be prints on it from the perp.
Wood, Ted Snowjob
Looks like the killer" - Meers never used perp - `took a file or files, then wiped his prints off.
Wood, Bari Doll's Eyes
Without video evidence, I would've been praying the officer who wrote up the ticket would remember what the actual perp looked like.
Toronto Sun (2003)


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