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pester (ˈpɛstə Pronunciation for pester



  1. (transitive) to annoy or nag continually

Derived Forms

ˈpesterer noun
ˈpesteringly adverb

Word Origin

C16: from Old French empestrer to hobble (a horse), from Vulgar Latin impāstōriāre (unattested) to use a hobble, from pāstōria (unattested) a hobble, from Latin pāstōrius relating to a herdsman, from pastor herdsman


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= annoy, worry, bother, disturb, bug, plague, torment, get at, harass, nag, hassle, harry, aggravate, fret, badger, pick on, irk, bedevil, chivvy, get on your nerves, bend someone's ear, drive you up the wall, be on your back, get in your hair

Translations for 'pester'

  • British English: pesterPronunciation for pester If you say that someone is pestering you, you mean that they keep asking you to do something, or keep talking to you, and you find this annoying.He is fed up with people pestering him for money.ˈpɛstə VERB
  • Arabic: يُضَايِقُPronunciation for يُضَايِقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: incomodarPronunciation for incomodar
  • Chinese: 纠缠Pronunciation for 纠缠
  • Croatian: gnjavitiPronunciation for gnjaviti
  • Czech: obtěžovatPronunciation for obtěžovat
  • Danish: plagePronunciation for plage
  • Dutch: lastig vallenPronunciation for lastig vallen
  • European Spanish: dar la lataPronunciation for dar la lata
  • Finnish: vaivataPronunciation for vaivata
  • French: tourmenterPronunciation for tourmenter
  • German: belästigenPronunciation for belästigen
  • Greek: παρενοχλώPronunciation for παρενοχλώ
  • Italian: seccarePronunciation for seccare
  • Japanese: 悩ませるPronunciation for 悩ませる
  • Korean: 괴롭히다Pronunciation for 괴롭히다
  • Norwegian: plagePronunciation for plage
  • Polish: gnębićPronunciation for gnębić
  • Portuguese: incomodarPronunciation for incomodar
  • Romanian: a sâcâi
  • Russian: докучатьPronunciation for докучать
  • Spanish: molestarPronunciation for molestar
  • Swedish: besväraPronunciation for besvära
  • Thai: รบกวนPronunciation for รบกวน
  • Turkish: rahatsız etmekPronunciation for rahatsız etmek
  • Ukrainian: набридати набриднути
  • Vietnamese: quấy rầyPronunciation for quấy rầy

Example Sentences Including 'pester'

If you bother me or pester me in any way, then I will contact the police.
Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER (2003)
The habit of the man at the top to pester his subordinates with more and more frequent -- and unwanted -- appearances.
Forbes, Colin Cover Story
We did give them coffee once Gladys had it made, but I was darned if I'd let them pester me with a lot of fool questions.
MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water


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