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petted (ˈpetɪd) 


past participle of verb, past tense of verb

  1. of pet3

pet1 (pɛt Pronunciation for pet1



  1. a tame animal kept in a household for companionship, amusement, etc
  2. a person who is fondly indulged; favourite   ⇒ teacher's pet


  1. kept as a pet   ⇒ a pet dog
  2. of or for pet animals   ⇒ pet food
  3. particularly cherished; favourite   ⇒ a pet theory, a pet hatred
  4. familiar or affectionate   ⇒ a pet name
  5. See pet day


Word forms:  pets,  petting,  petted
  1. (transitive) to treat (a person, animal, etc) as a pet; pamper
  2. (transitive) to pat or fondle (an animal, child, etc)
  3. (intransitive) (informal) (of two people) to caress each other in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking (often in the phrase heavy petting)

Derived Forms

ˈpetter noun

Word Origin

C16: origin unknown


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= favourite, chosen, special, personal, particular, prized, preferred, favoured, dearest, cherished, of choice, fave, dear to your heart
= tame, trained, domestic, house, domesticated, house-trained, house-broken
= favourite, treasure, darling, jewel, idol, fave, apple of your eye, blue-eyed boy or girl
= pamper, spoil, indulge, cosset, baby, dote on, coddle, mollycoddle, wrap in cotton wool
= cuddle, kiss, snog, smooch, neck, canoodle

pet2 (pɛt Pronunciation for pet2



  1. a fit of sulkiness, esp at what is felt to be a slight; pique


Word forms:  pets,  petting,  petted
  1. (intransitive) to take offence; sulk

Word Origin

C16: of uncertain origin

Example Sentences Including 'petted'

Black cat announces the onset of her need for a mate in a frenzied purring, rolling and demand to be petted.
Doris Lessing ON CATS (2002)
Even Grace, who had never been a kissing or hugging kind of person, seemed to recognize his need to be petted.
Melville, Anne The Hardie Inheritance
He asked me the names of the young weanling horses, admired the colts, came over and petted the fillies.
Misc (1995)
Holly pulled Stella close and petted her the way she petted Amelia, stroking her sister's head and murmuring soothing noises.
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)
Indeed, there is evidence that egotistical wide receivers in the NFL take injections for complaints as minor as a petted lip.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
One minute the Rottweiler was joyfully being petted by her friend, the next moment the 130-lb.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
She brought out her statue again, and petted the biggest dove.


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