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Phaethon (ˈfeɪəθən Pronunciation for Phaethon



  1. an asteroid (6.9 km in diameter) that has an orbit approaching close to the sun and releases fragments of dust that enter the earth's atmosphere as meteors

Phaëthon (ˈfeɪəθən Pronunciation for Phaëthon



  1. (Greek mythology) the son of Helios (the sun god) who borrowed his father's chariot and nearly set the earth on fire by approaching too close to it. Zeus averted the catastrophe by striking him down with a thunderbolt

Example Sentences Including 'Phaethon'

In mythology, Eridanus was the river into which Phaethon fell after trying to drive the chariot of his father Helios, the Sun god.
Ridpath, Ian & Tirion, Will Stars and Planets


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