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plantation  (plænˈteɪʃən



  1. an estate, esp in tropical countries, where cash crops such as rubber, oil palm, etc, are grown on a large scale
  2. a group of cultivated trees or plants
  3. (formerly) a colony or group of settlers
  4. (rare) the planting of seeds, shoots, etc

Translations for 'plantation'

  • British English: plantation A plantation is a large piece of land where crops such as rubber, coffee, tea, or sugar are grown. NOUN...banana plantations.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: plantação
  • Chinese: > 种植园尤指热带国家的橡胶、咖啡、茶、甘蔗> 种種植园園
  • European Spanish: plantación
  • French: plantation
  • German: Plantage
  • Italian: piantagione
  • Japanese: 農園
  • Korean: > 재배 농장특히 열대 지역의
  • Portuguese: plantação
  • Spanish: plantación

Example Sentences Including 'plantation'

He would be there on the plantation supervising the cutting of the scorched canes.
Holt, Victoria The Road to Paradise Island
His illegitimacy, his Indian mother, his early life on a sugar plantation.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird
Jeremy searched his mind for what he knew of the natives who lived on his plantation.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird


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