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plebiscite  (ˈplɛbɪˌsaɪt ; -sɪt) 



  1. a direct vote by the electorate of a state, region, etc, on some question of usually national importance, such as union with another state or acceptance of a government programme
  2. any expression or determination of public opinion on some matter

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Derived Forms

plebiscitary  (pləˈbɪsɪtərɪ   adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Old French plēbiscite, from Latin plēbiscītum decree of the people, from plēbs the populace + scītum, from scīscere to decree, approve, from scīre to know

Example Sentences Including 'plebiscite'

In August, after von Hindenburg's death, a plebiscite made Hitler the Chancellor.
Gaskin, Catherine The Ambassador's Women


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