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poacher1 (ˈpəʊtʃə Pronunciation for poacher1



  1. a person who illegally hunts game, fish, etc, on someone else's property
  2. See poacher turned gamekeeper

poacher2 (ˈpəʊtʃə Pronunciation for poacher2



  1. a metal pan with individual cups for poaching eggs

Example Sentences Including 'poacher'

Abbot saw Tansey's momentary puzzlement, and said, `Bert's a poacher , is he?
Penn, John Widow's End
And the add-on is a possibility that a business partner could turn poacher.
India Today (1997)
Assistant manager Phil Thompson said: "Michael scored a poacher 's goal, he doesn't miss from six inches.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2002)
Dzombo died in a hail of bullets from an AK47 fired by a poacher from Mozambique.
SA Star (2005)
Even more, so, should Dara O'Cinneide have his shooting boots with him and Declan O'Sullivan his poacher 's armoury.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
In typical aristocratic fashion he was wearing shabby country clothes and looked like a rather cunning poacher.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
Is a poacher merely somebody who kills without a licence?
Cameron, Kenneth M Into Africa - a social history of the East African Safari
It was easy to imagine Nick in a poacher 's capacious coat, slipping out into the dark to see what he could bring home.
Thomas, Rosie The White Dove
SERIAL abalone poacher Michael Munday yesterday declared his poaching days were over and vowed never to go to court again.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)


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