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Translations for 'pop-up'

  • British English: pop-upPronunciation for pop-up On a computer screen, a pop-up is a small work area that appears on the screen when you perform particular operations. A pop-up may contain items such as a menu or advertisement....a program for stopping pop-ups.ˈpɒpʌp NOUN
  • Arabic: قفزPronunciation for قفز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: menu instantâneoPronunciation for menu instantâneocomputador
  • Chinese: 跳出物Pronunciation for 跳出物
  • Croatian: skočni prozorPronunciation for skočni prozor
  • Czech: překrývací oknoPronunciation for překrývací oknopočítač
  • Danish: pop op-bogPronunciation for pop op-bog
  • Dutch: pop-upPronunciation for pop-up
  • European Spanish: emergentePronunciation for emergente
  • Finnish: ponnahdusikkunaPronunciation for ponnahdusikkuna
  • French: fenêtre intempestivePronunciation for fenêtre intempestive
  • German: Pop-upPronunciation for Pop-up Pop-ups
  • Greek: τρισδιάστατο βιβλίοPronunciation for τρισδιάστατο βιβλίο
  • Italian: finestra pop-upPronunciation for finestra pop-up
  • Japanese: ポップアップPronunciation for ポップアップ
  • Korean: 팝업Pronunciation for 팝업
  • Norwegian: hurtigmenyPronunciation for hurtigmeny
  • Polish: wyskakujące okienkoPronunciation for wyskakujące okienko
  • Portuguese: menu instantâneoPronunciation for menu instantâneocomputador
  • Romanian: fereastră tip pop-up
  • Russian: всплывающийPronunciation for всплывающий всплывающая
  • Spanish: emergentePronunciation for emergente
  • Swedish: popupp-Pronunciation for popupp-
  • Thai: ซึ่งโผล่อย่างฉับพลันPronunciation for ซึ่งโผล่อย่างฉับพลัน
  • Turkish: ortaya çıkmakPronunciation for ortaya çıkmak
  • Ukrainian: спливаюче вікно
  • Vietnamese: thông điệp bật lênPronunciation for thông điệp bật lên
  • British English: pop-up A pop-up book, usually a children's book, has pictures that stand up when you open the pages. ADJECTIVE
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tipo de livro cujas ilustrações dão a impressão de saltar quando abertas suas páginas
  • Chinese: 弹起立体图片的书弹彈起立体體图圖片的
  • European Spanish: desplegable
  • French: animé animée
  • German: Hochklapp-
  • Italian: popup
  • Japanese: 開くと飛び出る
  • Korean: 그림이 튀어나오는 책
  • Portuguese: tipo de livro cujas ilustrações dão a impressão de saltar quando abertas as suas páginas
  • Spanish: desplegable


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