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Translations for 'popular'

  • British English: popularPronunciation for popular Someone or something that is popular is liked by a lot of people....the most popular politician in the country.ˈpɒpjʊlə ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: شَعْبِيPronunciation for شَعْبِي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: popularPronunciation for popular
  • Chinese: 广受欢迎的Pronunciation for 广受欢迎的
  • Croatian: popularanPronunciation for popularan popularna
  • Czech: populárníPronunciation for populární
  • Danish: populærPronunciation for populær
  • Dutch: populairPronunciation for populair
  • European Spanish: popularPronunciation for popular
  • Finnish: suosittuPronunciation for suosittu
  • French: populairePronunciation for populaire
  • German: beliebtPronunciation for beliebt
  • Greek: δημοφιλήςPronunciation for δημοφιλής
  • Italian: popolarePronunciation for popolare
  • Japanese: 人気のあるPronunciation for 人気のある
  • Korean: 인기 있는Pronunciation for 인기 있는
  • Norwegian: populærPronunciation for populær
  • Polish: popularnyPronunciation for popularny popularna
  • Portuguese: popularPronunciation for popular
  • Romanian: popular populară, populari, populare
  • Russian: популярныйPronunciation for популярный популярная
  • Spanish: popularPronunciation for popular
  • Swedish: populärPronunciation for populär populärt
  • Thai: เป็นที่นิยมPronunciation for เป็นที่นิยม
  • Turkish: popülerPronunciation for popüler
  • Ukrainian: популярний
  • Vietnamese: được ưa chuộngPronunciation for được ưa chuộng

Example Sentences Including 'popular'

We'd have lost the popular support that we still have within the working classes.
MacNeill, Alastair The Devil's Door
He could hardly claim to be there as the result of the popular vote.
Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight
Matter of fact, he was probably the most popular cop in the district.
Cleary, Jon Murder Song


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