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Example Sentences Including 'popular music'

Eleanor Rigby, Tomorrow Never Knows, She Said She Said... popular music would never be quite the same again.
Misc (1999)
He earned his nickname "Radio" because of his cherished collection of vintage radios and his love of popular music.
Toronto Sun (2003)
He has made a great contribution to the popular music of his generation.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
One would hardly know this from listening to popular music , however.
Hamer, Diane & Budge, Belinda (eds) The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous
Owns the leading popular music radio station in the Netherlands.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
With a combination of instinct, talent and the help of musicians and producers, Elvis pretty much invented a new style of popular music.
`If you talk in songs once more... That's all you are, Eddie Sabrini, one great big sheet of popular music -- and I love you.
Haines, Pamela The Golden Lion


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